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Lamina veneers are thin-leaf porcelain with minimal abrasion on the front surface of the teeth. Thanks to these thin leaf porcelains, irregularities due to color, shape and anomalies in the teeth are aesthetically removed. The whiteness obtained with lamina veneers is permanent. So, factors that cause discoloration on natural teeth such as cigarette, tea and coffee have no coloring effect on lamina veneers.

As a process, after taking full face and intraoral photos of our patients who applied to our clinic in the first session, we try to get the smile that is suitable for our patient’s face by referring to the anatomical points in the facial photographs we have obtained. Also, if necessary, minimal abrasion and measurement are done on the front surfaces of the teeth where the laminae will be placed in the teeth.

Of course, we apply changes in line with the desires of our patients. We show the teeth in the mouth we have made to our patients who come to the rehearsal sessions, get their approval and proceed to the bonding process. In this process, if the patient has some wishes, we can apply them by correcting the teeth. After the lamina veneers are attached, we give information to each patient about how to perform the appropriate oral care. Because no matter what procedure is performed in dentistry, the life of the work done also depends on the post-operative care. In brief, we can say that the life of the work depends 50% on hand sensitivity of your doctor and 50% on patient oral care. No extra oral care procedure is applied in the care of lamina veneers.

For our smile design service, you can review the before and after photos.

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